Thursday, June 1, 2006

True Mirror

Through ebb and flow passed depth and height
Beyond morning's misty reach
Spectral shapes sojourn in shadows
Moonlight's hold to breach

A sound, a cry, a distant wail
A whipping freezing rain
And winter's fury beats upon us
Frozen solace lain

What does not kill us makes us strong
So somewhere I have read
I wonder if the words hold true
For the living dead

No weakness ever found me still
whilst stormy weather blew
But color seems a fading thing
In crypts devoid of hue

When comes my day to Resurrect
in afterlife's abode
Or is my strength yet hidden still
my path no traveled road?

"Arise!" I hear a voice call out
"Your life it waits here still,
Come, take my hand, and walk with me
This promise I fulfill."

"An image true, I am for you
I'll never lead astray
The trust and hope you place in me
Your fears I will allay."

I hear your voice and know it well
the oath you hand to me
Embracing you and it as well
My will at last is free