Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Considering Camus

It would be so simple, I should think
To tip the glass and take a drink
And what would happen then, I wonder
Just what would be rent asunder?

In drunken stupor perchance a fall
Exquisite Oizys come to call?
Damned infernal curiosity!
Oh, why must you cry out to me?

Just a single simple quenching sip
Into the ethers I would slip
But what of those I would leave behind
Who’ll never see this act as kind?

That cup indeed is both harsh and grave
Yet the other side is all I crave
From that great vantage all I can see
Despite all those who’ll weep for me

Is lasting peace and restful slumber
Silent days of untold number
Plagued nevermore with unfettered thought
Nor left to own what others wrought

But this life-long fight at last will cease
It shan’t be long 'til sweet release
This is not the giving up of hope
It’s just another way to cope

For now I shall lay me down to sleep
I'll pray the Lord my soul to keep
But if I should die before I wake
I'll pray the Lord my soul to take

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Joy to Feast Again

Touch not the fading embers for a flame hides within
reaching out to grasp ahold you would only burn your hand
There is no roaring fire within the powdered ashen soot
nothing more than coals remain cooling in the morning breeze

But oh the happy memories of the dance, song, and feast
joyous time and merriment what wonderous gleeful fun
Yet all things pass as all things must despite our wishful hopes
on we go back home knowing we will soon be here again

Without that faithful knowledge my heart would be too heavy
so with gladness do I take my leave confident in trust
A day will come when we will be as we were once before
but if we go to different feasts then fare thee well, my friend

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wait for Me

Ask not for me to give to thee more than mine heart can bear
Pray thee wait in steadfast faith if such hope I can impart
Let trustful love spring naturally ere it doth foreswear
to bind itself with truest aim and fall into despair
for something riddled clouds such paths to doom it from the start

Slow determined force of will takes me forth into that breach
Just wait and hold thine earnest breath I will not disappoint
Believe thee now enough in me all fears and doubts impeach
else risk an everlasting loss thus thee I must beseech
unswerving leal give unto me as with thine kiss anoint

Twas not perchance I gave to thee such promises of mine
for my vulnerability takes time to manifest
So be thee not disheartened, dear, to thee I did consign
to care for what I freely give if thou wilt but incline
toward virtued patience evermore then shalt we both be blessed

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am alone. 
I am a drop of water fallen from heaven to the earth.
I lay in the soil lonely and waiting for time to change me
I become a drink for the thirsty tree, deer, butterfly
I become the unrelenting force splitting rock
I become enormous waves crashing upon shores
I fill up the world with all I am
I am the essence of all life
I am one with everything
I am connected
I am you
We will change the world.

Written for acclaimed director and filmmaker Katherine Brooks.  Follow her amazing journey as she turns 50 random Facebook friends into true connections: Face2Face.