Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Joy to Feast Again

Touch not the fading embers for a flame hides within
reaching out to grasp ahold you would only burn your hand
There is no roaring fire within the powdered ashen soot
nothing more than coals remain cooling in the morning breeze

But oh the happy memories of the dance, song, and feast
joyous time and merriment what wonderous gleeful fun
Yet all things pass as all things must despite our wishful hopes
on we go back home knowing we will soon be here again

Without that faithful knowledge my heart would be too heavy
so with gladness do I take my leave confident in trust
A day will come when we will be as we were once before
but if we go to different feasts then fare thee well, my friend

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wait for Me

Ask not for me to give to thee more than mine heart can bear
Pray thee wait in steadfast faith if such hope I can impart
Let trustful love spring naturally ere it doth foreswear
to bind itself with truest aim and fall into despair
for something riddled clouds such paths to doom it from the start

Slow determined force of will takes me forth into that breach
Just wait and hold thine earnest breath I will not disappoint
Believe thee now enough in me all fears and doubts impeach
else risk an everlasting loss thus thee I must beseech
unswerving leal give unto me as with thine kiss anoint

Twas not perchance I gave to thee such promises of mine
for my vulnerability takes time to manifest
So be thee not disheartened, dear, to thee I did consign
to care for what I freely give if thou wilt but incline
toward virtued patience evermore then shalt we both be blessed

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am alone. 
I am a drop of water fallen from heaven to the earth.
I lay in the soil lonely and waiting for time to change me
I become a drink for the thirsty tree, deer, butterfly
I become the unrelenting force splitting rock
I become enormous waves crashing upon shores
I fill up the world with all I am
I am the essence of all life
I am one with everything
I am connected
I am you
We will change the world.

Written for acclaimed director and filmmaker Katherine Brooks.  Follow her amazing journey as she turns 50 random Facebook friends into true connections: Face2Face.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Talisman - GMans - Friday Flash 55 18June2011

                                               Beautiful talisman
                                             I put you on to wear
                                         but it is you who put me on
                                         now I cannot remove you
                                       I cannot think to remove you

                                                  You  chose me
                                              And I cannot say no
                                   Look how the fire in your eye lights
                                         when I think to free myself
                                                   I am your slave
                                                    Command me

This was written for the GMans - Friday Flash 55- meme for today is the Talisman phohto

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When waters churn around me
 waves crashing on the shore
I wish to have tranquility
 peace of mind and more

No stormy sea or rocking ship
 will alter in my mind
the need for sweet serenity
 to calm my fears entwined

"Peace, be still" to stop the sea
 just hear that still small voice
speaking out with fond command
 the roiling has no choice


This is a meme for 3WordWednesday tranquility; alter; fond

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Tibet - @tibettruth

We have a sacred history.  We have a vibrant culture.  We have a will to survive.
You look at us and turn your head - like you are ashamed to acknowledge us.
Do not look away. Acknowledge our existence.

We have a sacred history.  We have a vibrant culture.  We have a will to survive.
You think the only value we have is in what you give us in the eyes of the world.
Do not define our value. Acknowledge our intrinsic value.

We have a sacred history.  We have a vibrant culture.  We have a will to survive.
You believe you can integrate us against our will and no one will care or notice.
Do not try to integrate us.  Acknowledge we are sovereign.

We have a sacred history.  We have a vibrant culture.  We have a will to survive.
You think you can disappear us by changing names on a map and no one will care.
Do not invalidate us on a map.  Acknowledge we have our own names.

We have a sacred history.  We have a vibrant culture.  We have a will to survive.
You believe you can remove us by taking away our sovereignty .
Do not dispute our sovereignty.  Acknowledge our identity.

To the world around us.  We are a sovereign nation with an historical cultural heritage as worthy of our independence as yours.  You are outraged at genocide, invasion of sovereign nations, and imperialistic expansion.  Where is your outrage on our behalf?  We look to the world, to each of you, for help and assistance.  We endure the merciless slaughter of our people and the horror of this stealthy take-over.  The media does not tell our story.  We tell it ourselves.

Will you not listen?  Will you not help?  Or will you be their puppets in silent assistance of our demise?
We have a sacred history.  We have a vibrant culture.  We have a will to survive.
We are the people, the spirit, and the supporters of Tibet.  Free us.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Beliefs

Strive for perfection. Never believe you have reached it.
Master your emotions so they do not master you.
Be open to new people, new possibilities, new experiences.
Live your life, do not let it live you.
Do not take anything from anyone without their informed consent.
Be furious only in righteous anger.  Learn to control your fury.
Be honest, good, and kind. If you cannot be, do not expect it of others.
Treat others with the dignity and respect you believe you deserve.
Learn from your mistakes so they can become lessons.
Encourage others more freely than you give compliments.

Remember that every person who lives now, who ever lived, or who will live is worthy in and of their own intrinsic value.  You are not what gives them value.
Be a friend when it is not convenient to be one, so you may have the right to friends when you need them.
Write something about yourself each day.  In one month you will find you have much to improve.
Take criticism to heart only long enough to keep yourself humble.
Never allow someone to believe you mean something you do not, but let them if they insist.

And this above all else - be of honor and integrity.  In the end your virtue is who you are.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tapestry of My Life

Look there upon the stoney walls
 to stories which are told
leading into greater halls
 lay memories of old
Some well-lit; some in shadow
 o'er dusty cobwebs lay
all of them a symphony
brought to the light of day

See over here are too few threads
 and over there are more
glistening with golden glint
 they speak a telling lore
What history's displayed so well
 goes back through yesteryear
beautifully it shows a path
 all now made very clear

Pay no mind to fraying strings
 though tempting they may be
all the seeming unkempt parts
 are there specifically
Each and every single thread is
 but just a single part
desperation, pain, and hope
 Life's tapestry as art

Almost a Mother

I never got the chance to see you, to hold you, to see your smiles.
before I even knew it, you were both leaving me behind
Boys or girls - I'll never know - maybe one of each
by now you'd be so big and strong, it's hard to even imagine.

For years when I passed twins, my heart seemed to stop
Would you have been identical?  Would you have had my eyes, his mouth?
I was choosing names and reading about what to expect with you
when the pains started and I knew something was wrong

"You have to make a choice, and you have to make it soon" the doctor said
it seems so long ago sometimes.  Those words echo forever in my thoughts.
Could you have held on? Would you have made it?
Is my life worth what yours could have been?

How will I ever know if I made the right choice?
I have never cried for you. I'm afraid if I do I'll never stop.
I hope you can forgive me.  I know I cannot forgive myself.
One day I hope, against all hope, I will know you as you were meant to be.

After you I could never bring myself to want to carry another life
that is a loss I could not again bear to suffer.
Wherever you are, I promise I will one day be with you
I will one day hold you both and look upon your faces.

Until that day comes, I keep you in my heart
I will think of you and wonder whenever I get the chance.
For now, just rest my little darlings,
and play upon that rainbow bridge until I can finally follow.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Silken Serenity

Wherein doth lie 'neath silken sheets
 a hopeful promise dreamt
Faithful trust encourage thee
 to lover's tears preempt

"Nay, be thou not of weakened heart
 nor any doubting thought
Stave off thy most assured fears
 and be thou not distraught!"

No cup afore hath overrun
 with pureness from this spring
Thy waters which envelope me
 allow my soul to sing

Mentations flowing current strong
 ere morrow will disclose
Thine unmatched beauty's strength betwixt
 ethereal repose

Not long until thy stirring sounds
 call to my waiting ears
And lying down inside thine arms
 protected from the years

My lips will give the slightest smile
 drunken by thee like wine
My pain, my joy, and all I am
 what once was mine now thine