Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wait for Me

Ask not for me to give to thee more than mine heart can bear
Pray thee wait in steadfast faith if such hope I can impart
Let trustful love spring naturally ere it doth foreswear
to bind itself with truest aim and fall into despair
for something riddled clouds such paths to doom it from the start

Slow determined force of will takes me forth into that breach
Just wait and hold thine earnest breath I will not disappoint
Believe thee now enough in me all fears and doubts impeach
else risk an everlasting loss thus thee I must beseech
unswerving leal give unto me as with thine kiss anoint

Twas not perchance I gave to thee such promises of mine
for my vulnerability takes time to manifest
So be thee not disheartened, dear, to thee I did consign
to care for what I freely give if thou wilt but incline
toward virtued patience evermore then shalt we both be blessed


  1. An enjoyable site. I shall definitely come again.

  2. Dave, welcome to the site! I am glad you enjoy it. :)

  3. The language in that is rather Shakespearean, but I don't think the metre is the same. Forgive my ignorance. I love the, "kiss anoint," imagery.

    That's how we should regard kisses, not the crazed stuff we too often see on telly. More a grace note.


  4. You are correct Brendan! I wrote this using that level of English but I did not use iambic pentameter which is what you noticed was missing. Instead, I used the same as was used by Robert Frost in "The Road Not Taken", but did not use as many verses. :)