Friday, November 22, 1996

Split Apart No More

Our souls got tangled up last night
 I guess I held you too tightly in my dream - sorry.
While I watched you we got more and more entwined, I lost concentration. 
The color of your eyes.  The smell of your perfume.  Can you blame me?
Before I realized it we were hopelessly pretzeled.
I've been plotting a scheme to free my soul from its own grip
I had it all figured
But when I went to write it out I looked down and stopped my pen.
It was your hand - weird.
I rubbed my eyes and looked again - my hand.
I got up to splash water on my face, but when I looked in the mirror
it was your face.
I shook my head and looked again at me looking back at me.
When I sat to contemplate I closed my eyes and saw a revelation -
What I thought had been two entangled souls was one soul joining itself
Then I understood.  My soul is not my soul; nor is yours, well, yours.
They are one and the same - two halves of one whole.
This is why I no longer feel called to wander.
I guess I found what I didn't know I was looking for
and I think you've stopped waiting to take your life off hold.
I wonder how long we've been working toward each other?
We were alone  less than alone, really
Now we're together, we belong.
And we are greater than the sum of our parts.
It feels good to be home again - to be split apart no more.

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