Monday, June 13, 2011

My Beliefs

Strive for perfection. Never believe you have reached it.
Master your emotions so they do not master you.
Be open to new people, new possibilities, new experiences.
Live your life, do not let it live you.
Do not take anything from anyone without their informed consent.
Be furious only in righteous anger.  Learn to control your fury.
Be honest, good, and kind. If you cannot be, do not expect it of others.
Treat others with the dignity and respect you believe you deserve.
Learn from your mistakes so they can become lessons.
Encourage others more freely than you give compliments.

Remember that every person who lives now, who ever lived, or who will live is worthy in and of their own intrinsic value.  You are not what gives them value.
Be a friend when it is not convenient to be one, so you may have the right to friends when you need them.
Write something about yourself each day.  In one month you will find you have much to improve.
Take criticism to heart only long enough to keep yourself humble.
Never allow someone to believe you mean something you do not, but let them if they insist.

And this above all else - be of honor and integrity.  In the end your virtue is who you are.

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