Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Silken Serenity

Wherein doth lie 'neath silken sheets
 a hopeful promise dreamt
Faithful trust encourage thee
 to lover's tears preempt

"Nay, be thou not of weakened heart
 nor any doubting thought
Stave off thy most assured fears
 and be thou not distraught!"

No cup afore hath overrun
 with pureness from this spring
Thy waters which envelope me
 allow my soul to sing

Mentations flowing current strong
 ere morrow will disclose
Thine unmatched beauty's strength betwixt
 ethereal repose

Not long until thy stirring sounds
 call to my waiting ears
And lying down inside thine arms
 protected from the years

My lips will give the slightest smile
 drunken by thee like wine
My pain, my joy, and all I am
 what once was mine now thine

1 comment:

  1. Marcia,

    A most romantic and evocative poem.
    An excellent piece of writing.

    Words and Thoughts