Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tapestry of My Life

Look there upon the stoney walls
 to stories which are told
leading into greater halls
 lay memories of old
Some well-lit; some in shadow
 o'er dusty cobwebs lay
all of them a symphony
brought to the light of day

See over here are too few threads
 and over there are more
glistening with golden glint
 they speak a telling lore
What history's displayed so well
 goes back through yesteryear
beautifully it shows a path
 all now made very clear

Pay no mind to fraying strings
 though tempting they may be
all the seeming unkempt parts
 are there specifically
Each and every single thread is
 but just a single part
desperation, pain, and hope
 Life's tapestry as art

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